About Me



Brittany fell in love with acting at the age of 10, when she stepped on stage for the first time to play a toy soldier in her elementary school’s version of The Nutcracker. She continued to do school plays throughout middle school and high school, until she reached college, where she decided to try film. She booked her first short, “Monomaniacal”, as Jessica, soon after. This was quickly followed by her role as Peggy Sue in 40 Fears, a quirky comedy created with the cult genre in mind that can be purchased here 40 Fears. She then made up her mind to not waste any more time before pursuing her dream. She finished her 3rd year of college with BAs in Theatre and Psychology. After spending her summer doing extras work on the Hunger Games, she used the money she had saved to move to Charlotte. Once there, she enrolled in The Actor’s Lab with J.D. Lewis to learn more about the on-camera auditioning process, and develop an understanding of the business side of a professional career in acting. She signed with Artists Resource Agency in Greensboro, NC. Her latest performance was in The Loss World Monologues at McKnight Hall where she played Charlotte.


1269217_505425252881542_1655083256_oBrittany began the notion of her modeling career in college while she was on vacation with her family at the beach. She saw that Model Productions was having a mall model search and jokingly filled out one of the forms. To her surprise they called her and asked if she would be interested in auditioning for a one-year contract. After going through the audition process, she was awarded the contract, along with access to a casting board. From the jobs she took from that casting board, she began doing film. While on one of the sets she was approached by fashion designer Luis Machicao to model one of his designs.

After doing a spread for elevate magazine, walking in Charlotte fashion week for Edwing D’Angelo, and receiving many invitations to shoot with local photographers, she decided to pursue modeling in addition to acting. She has since then been working on gaining experience and building her portfolio, while searching for a print agent to work with in addition to her acting agent.